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Meet the Organizers

Krysta Jackson @KrystaBJackson

Krysta sold her first venture before 30 and is currently a student in the Master of Accountancy program at UNR. There she gets the pleasure of guiding students through the Sontag Entrepreneurship Competition. She is seeking her next venture.

Nathan Digangi @netn8

Proud Reno Resident, Model Member at The Reno Collective, Big Fan of Startup Row, and Midtown Supporter.

Doug Erwin @douglas_erwin

Doug is an entrepreneur with extensive experience creating and running business ventures. Currently, Doug is Vice President of Entrepreneurial Development at EDAWN a non-profit organization focused on Economic diversification and job creation in Northern Nevada.

Zachary Draper @ZacharyDraper

Zachary is the owner of Zadra Design, a web development company focusing on custom applications that fit the unique needs of businesses. zadradesign.com Additionally, Zachary is working on a number of startup endeavors.

Zadra Design

Past Organizers
Devin Sizemore @dpsizemore

Proudly Sponsored By

SoSu.TV is a content development corporation focused on telling the stories of our community, businesses, events and people through traditional and new media. Building culture through visual storytelling is our goal. For affordable, accessible, amazing quality video content for your business, organization, or family, choose SoSu.TV.

Swill is Reno's place to gather for pleasure, business, and creativity. While drinking a mocha, sipping a glass of zin, slugging back a brew, and snacking on locally made food, Swill inspires entrepreneurs, families, and friends to have a great time. Come in and become part of the local movement making Swill your home away from home.

Past Presenters

West Star Design, LLC


Designer, producer, seller and patent holder of the only professional belt mounted cloth towel holder.

Prison Recovery Network


Healing families and connecting prisoners to their communities. We are an organization of national scope providing a point of first contact and case management for families and their loved ones in prison. It is our mission to connect those families and their prisoners to local resources in their communities and give them tools to plan for a better future. By giving prisoners the tools to plan for a successful release, reunification with family, and a productive future we are creating safer,strong communitie

Nevada Dynamics


Nevada Dynamics looks to unlock the sky's true potential with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) by providing a real time flight management system.



Latest Entry in the Multi Billion Dollar "Wearable Technology" Industry incorporating the best of GoPro and Google Glass with Features like HD Video, Wifi, Bluetooth in Stylish Protective Eyewear. Sunglasses/Glasses Goggles. Eye Protection Sunglasses and Goggles.

Hera Inspired


Hera Inspired simplifies the wedding shopping experience by bridging the gap between all the inspiration resources and the retailers that sell the products.

Parlor Shows


Parlor Shows is a marketplace that helps musicians to book shows faster and earn more profit than they do currently. It also provides hosts with a way to have intimate concerts in their very own living room, and make money doing so. It can be thought of as the "AirBnb of house concerts."

Sugar Love Chocolates


Sugar Love Chocolates is a nascent chocolate manufacturing and retail business. Focused on French-style truffles and traditional American caramels. Spread some Sugar Love today!

We have developed a cool new device case technology. Its a cellphone and laptop case that light up to music, your voice and your ringtone.

Terri Jay, Medium, Intuitive, Pet Psychic, Horse Whisperer


Terri Jay is a unique individual with incredible intuitive abilities. Her readings, which she does by phone all over the world have helped thousands of people and their pets to heal from serious and life-threatening diseases. Terri has had several successful shows at major casinos and is completing a book which will shatter long-held beliefs by other mediums. She is working toward development of a TV show and is currently being booked for cruises and shows by 615 Entertainment.

Peace Broom


“Green” manual cleaning device(s): 1) Leaf Blower, 2) 24″ Wide Broom, 3) Rake, 4) Dustpan / Leaf Shovel. The only convenient manual alternative that efficiently lets you use the same tool on hard surfaces, grass and dirt to quickly and easily remove debris, without changing tools. US Patent pending #13854045.

American Duchess


American Duchess Company designs and manufactures women's historical reproduction shoes and accessories for women.

Crowded Reality


Crowded Reality is the first crowdfunding site for reality TV. Think you have the next Duck Dynasty or Dirty Jobs? Use Crowded Reality and collect the cash or audience required and get your show made!

FYRE Robotics


We are a local community FIRST robotics team comprised of students from a number of Reno and Carson City High Schools. We are partnering with local businesses and organizations to mentor future leaders of our community through the First Robotics Competition (FRC) www.USFIRST.org.

Move Your Mountain


Social funding Platform

Trainer Road, LLC


TrainerRoad provides structured indoor cycling workouts with live biometric feedback.

We are a Medical Device company making and selling single use plastics. We offer a higher quality product in a unique way that has been market proven.

Reno Brewery Tours


Walking tours of Reno's breweries and craft beer bars.

53 Fridays


Learning about business through experiencing business. I volunteer at a new business every week. I am looking for an experience. I want to work for a day. My goal is to obtain information about that business, their successes, their failures, their purpose. I want to have a physical experience within that industry, and develop great relationships with owners and managers.



KeepOnMovin' is focused on improving patient compliance with Home Exercise Programs that are assigned by Physical Therapists. We are building a video-based mobile health platform to augment the work that is done in physical therapy.

Object Works


We are making the desktop manufacturing revolution work. We develop software and hardware for digital fabrication. Our product, LaserInk is a laser head attachment for the Shapeoko. Our software is the only one-stop solution to printing on a laser cutter, 3-D printer or desktop CNC.

Dorkatorium Games


We are an independent video game development studio based in Reno, NV. We live by our motto "By Gamers. For Gamers.". Dorkatorium Games focuses on developing unique, innovative games that the industry desperately needs, as well as being involved in the local gaming community as much as possible. We have a very passionate "pay it forward" attitude, and love helping others embrace their passion in the industry through internships, mentorships, and video game development.



FlashVote is making technology for better governance. Governments in the US spend almost $20,000 per person every year without real accountability or guidance. With our citizen-powered governance technology, we can slash that number in half and get much better results.

Toleo UAS


Toleo designs,manufactures, integrates, sells and supports a carbon fiber, solar electric, ultra long endurance, small UAS capable of carrying a variety of different data collection sensor payloads, processes and conflates disparate data sources and integrates with a cloud-based analysis and decision support system.

Casey D. Sibley Art + Design


Casey D. Sibley Art + Design is a Reno, NV based brand specializing in hand-drawn surface pattern design and handmade home goods and accessories in a happy modern style. The company was founded in 2011 by Casey Sibley, an architect and artist using her technical drawings skills to create bright and airy hand-drawn patterns inspired by the simple organic forms found in nature. CDS A+D products are designed and produced in the U.S. with a simple philosophy in mind: live simply and pursue what makes you happy.



Mail-Right e-nurturing that works for realtors our system is easy to use and offers realtors a great and fun method of keeping contact with their main local referral partners. We help build & maintain relationships. We provide an easy to use back-end system that allow users to have a number of sub lists and we also provide 5 fun and professionally written short stories that are based on regional and national news sources that we have research and that have some direct fun linkages to the property market. We try and give the feeling that our subscribers had research the stories themselves and were sending the story to a trusted inner group of local relationship partners. We have also developed an internal calendar system that offers subscribers similar functionality to Hootsuit but has a pre-populated master calendar of suitable Twitter, Facebook and Google + content that a realtor would be happy to post to their personal social media audiences.

Integrative Imaging Center


Integrative Medical imaging and early alternative breast cancer screening. Serving both the human patient and the large animal (equine) population. No radiation technology is used. We are totally safe for anyone or any medical condition. 100% green 21st Century technology (patented process 2005).

Talintel, Inc.


Psychometric research and employee selection SaaS systems for employers in human services segment of healthcare. B2B model.

The CauseBot Foundation


We allow employees to convert their time benefits (sick and vacation) into a cash donation for the cause of their choice, which they can then share on their social media platforms.

Bristlecone Holdings


Bristlecone Holdings is a special purpose entity focusing on the acquisition, development, and management of highly innovative financial services and e-commerce business models and intellectual property. Our goal is to bring highly effective financial services and e-commerce solutions to the marketplace that will bring ultimate value to all stakeholders involved.

Reno Rock Camp


Reno Rock Camp (RRC) is a Turn-Key Organization that is designed to help kids develop the love for music. Kids, ages 8-17 years of age, in a group instructional setting, learn chord driven songs from the Rock Manual and take on the role of guitarist, bassist, drummer, keyboardist or lead singer in a rock band. The kids are organized in bands and have a selection of songs to choose to learn. The kids receive instruction for their chosen instrument and then break into their bands to rehearse the music. The kids also learn the business basics of being in a band, e.g. performance setup and breakdown, sound checks, and naming their bands. At the end of the session, the bands perform for their friends, family and the community. Kids that grow with our company, can take private lessons, attend RRC Camps, and become a member of our “We Rock Kidz” Premier Group and perform at events throughout the year, such as the Nevada Day Parade, Native American Day, Pumpkin Palooza, and New Year’s Eve.

ARTinside Me


ART Inside Me is breaking new ground, creating bridges to inner dialogues that block us from the skills needed in progressive business environments. Emotional self-portraits are created as works of art that defy conventional definitions. The process is fun, enlightening, and provides a short cut to discovering what drives people at their innermost core. 

The Nevada Renewable Energy Laboratory


Renewable Energy Laboratory, creating sustainable energy products of the future plus Art and Science Education for underprivileged kids.

Volant Productions


UAV/UAS/Drone platforms

BankNote Wallets


A BankNote Wallet is what you get when you marry a wallet and a notebook. Believe us, this romance has chemistry. The mission behind this product, and in fact all products made by FSC, is to facilitate spontaneous creativity. We give our customers the tools to be able to act on their ideas wherever they are.

Cirrus Medical Network, LLC


Cirrus Medical Network (CirrusMED) is an online primary care doctor network where members retain a private physician for a monthly fee. Members may connect with their physician 24/7 online via secure messaging and video conferencing. Unlike other telemedicine services, Cirrus Medical Network physicians provide continuity of care just as one would receive with an office-based primary care physician (PCP) office, including consultations, referrals, prescriptions, and diagnostic testing. "Your Doctor. Online"



Re-inventing human connections by giving people ways to find each other then put the phones away.



P2Binvestor is the first and only social funding platform for receivables-backed lines of credit. We provide small businesses with necessary working capital by crowdfunding their receivables to investors on our website. P2Binvestor is disrupting the 136 billion dollar receivables finance market. Our platform is making it easier and more efficient for small businesses to get the working capital they need to grow.

Tahoe Trail Bar


The Tahoe Trail Bar is an energy bar company focused on providing the consumer one incredible flavor to fuel their journey.

University of Nevada


The UNR-DRI Technology Transfer Office (TTO) seeks to protect and commercialize the Intellectual Property (IP) produced via research activities at both the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) and Desert Research Institute (DRI).



Modern-Serenity brings a safe, sanitary and convenient place to sleep for college students on campus during the day at any college campus across the united states. We do so by bringing our revolutionary "Peace Pods," (similar to the capsule beds in china and japan) to campus for students to use.

Steel Stand Designs, Inc.


SSDI is a start up company manufacturing and marketing a variety of modular steel products based around a unique fastening system.

Drinkable Reno


Website covering beer and spirits news in Northern Nevada.

Energy Masters


Home Performance contracting - energy assessments and residential upgrades.

A provider of gourmet organic and specialty healthful foods. We create replicable models for local organic foods through advanced indoor agriculture. We use the gourmet organic Oyster mushrooms as a flagship product to open market channels to the same psychographic client base for similar organic and healthful specialty foods.

Onegee Bungee, LLC


Onegee Bungee manufacturers and sells a line of fully adjustable bungee cords and adjustable hooks for use with stretch cord and rope. Made in USA, patented May 2014, patent number issued. Formal recording to occur 7/8/14



Careerflo is a matchmaking platform for university candidates and recruiters. It empowers students and graduates with a medium to showcase themselves beyond the traditional resume and intuitively matches them to career opportunities that align with their personality, interests and skills. It offers recruiters a streamlined way to decipher university talent, while saving them time and money by providing them a deeper look into candidates before interviewing them in person.

Tahoe Star Tours Dark Skies Cosmoarium at Northstar California


Tahoe Star Tours is pleased to announce the Grand Opening of the Dark Skies Cosmoarium at Northstar California Ski Resort in Truckee, California on June 7, 2014. The Cosmoarium located in Castle Peak at Northstar will be the new location for Tahoe Star Tours, featuring wider unobstructed horizons, dark skies (measuring 21mag/arcsec), comfortable seating, fire pits, overhead heaters, complementary hot chocolate, coffee, and s’smores, bathroom facilities, parking, complementary bus service to and from the Northstar Village, and Celestron Telescopes. Every evening will feature an informative Star Tour Astronomy presentation, laser tour of the starry sky, and telescopic observing through state of the art Celestron Telescopes. Sponsored by Tahoe Star Tours, Northstar Ski Resort, Nature Valley, Starbucks

"Space Quill" - Super Stylus and Pen Company

Exceptional Ergonomics: A "Space Quill" holder designed to minimize physical effort, and maximize efficiency. If you like to work easier think "Space Quill" products.

Goliath Research LLC


Goliath Research is focused on applying the latest technologies to deliver innovative solutions with software as the foundation. Its main target is the local business, eventually extending it to Nevada and other states.

Spinning studio with 45 minutes spinning classes to music. 8 classes a day. 15 bicycles. 6 kurt kinetics for cyclers who want to ride inside.



An organization dedicated to fostering innovation by facilitating regular, small group discussions that focus on a specific topic. Innovation is inspired on a group level, not just by gathering like-minded people, but also by using the "Innovation Cycle" to first understand the present, then trend and speculate about the future. In a world focused on the present, Masterminds is the organization that focuses on the future. Masterminds facilitates the organization of mastermind groups, among other things.



A status report app that helps people prioritize, fosters productivity, and wins individuals recognition for ideas and hard work.

Alkcon Corporation


Alkcon Corporation is an early-stage company that is developing a new, proprietary gas conversion process for the cost-effective production of propane fuel from natural gas or qualified biogas sources.

Crazy Tooth Studio


We Make Games!



IMBĪB is a brewery that will engage you in the process of creating beer whether you want to brew yourself or give input into the beer we brew. IMBĪB will deliver high quality fermented beverages through five mechanisms: 1.Commercial brewing for our Brew Reserve Clubs, on-site consumption, and custom orders for special events; 2.Beverage ingredients and supplies for the home-beverage maker; 3. In-house brewing systems for rent; 4. Fermentation Education programs; 5. Retail sales of craft brews.



Mission30 has a goal to impact small to medium-sized business by introducing and explaining key factors that are changing the way business is done today. These important influences are derived from where we are in history, the cycle of (economic) seasons and considering an entirely new and innovative way to structure your organization for long-term sustainability. Mission 30 is just that- a 20, 30 or even 40 year outlook that is doing away with the short-term, unsustainable fix. S



We are Northern Nevada’s first fast, fun, fruit delivery Business for individuals, private and public businesses, churches, schools, parties and camps. FruitD’Lup is an innovative business partnership whose mission is to serve many community needs. Our primary purpose though, is to offer a healthy, inexpensive snack or meal option for all ages and dietary desires. FruitD'Lup was also designed to employ young people served by local youth organizations as they work toward independence.

Six Secrets, LLC


Six Secrets provides practical, hands-on education on raising and investing startup capital based on the Master's Workshop - Six Secrets of Raising Startup Capital. They will be taking this educational experience and expanding it into a reality TV show where contestants will work to raise money for their startups.

Golden Grid Solutions, Inc.


Golden Grid Solutions is a global provider of complete energy solutions for grid-independence. Long-term energy affordability and security is becoming ever more critical in a world with a volatile economy and environment. Delivering attractive solutions to this challenge is what GGSI is all about. As your “Project Integrator”, GGSI combines its proprietary FIRST Assessment™ technical and financial project analysis with optimal solution design and attractive funding vehicles for a total package. This makes your project far more viable and compelling than using equipment or service providers alone to meet your needs. GGSI is a “Pure-Play” provider in that we don’t produce any of our own equipment. This allows us to select vendors with the best equipment for your needs. We partner with the “best in class” providers of technology and services, from project inception through to long-term maintenance.

Root Technology


We focus on the most overlooked aspect of your company’s operations: SECURITY. We are your trusted partner in secure design, configuration, operation, and managing your secure technology solutions to customers where protection of sensitive business information is key to your success. (NOTE: My company is named: /Root Technology but your "Company Name" field above won't allow me to write it properly because it doesn't allow special characters.)

Dragonfly Energy


We are a Reno based Lithium Ion battery technology company.

USeeIt Network


Promoting Local Businesses using a network of indoor digital billboards where people are on the go at places like coffee houses, convenience stores, etc. Reach over 150,000 visitors per month in our growing network of Host locations. Special incentives to Host a digital billboard screen. Affordable rates to get Repetition and Exposure to educate consumers about your products, services or upcoming events. Incorporate full motion video into your message. Dynamic changing of messages keeps it fresh.



Decisions are part of life, inqiri.com helps individuals and businesses optimize their decision-making by combining crowd-sourcing and synthetic intelligence techniques.



A 32 court facility with a 650 seat glass court arena to be connected to the Grand Sierra Hotel here in Reno. The facility will feature moving walls so as to support the sports of racquetball, squash, handball, wallyball, badminton, 1/2 court basketball, pickleball, paddle tennis, table tennis and more.



SoSu.TV is a content development corporation focused on telling the stories of our community, businesses, events and people through video storytelling. Our mission is to build our community and businesses through video storytelling and marketing. We love visual arts and helping entrepreneurs, small businesses, and artists share their passion.

Spin Games LLC


The company brings extensive industry experience and an impressive intellectual property portfolio to the gaming marketplace. Founder and CEO, Kent Young is a gaming industry veteran who has been a key gaming industry executive for over 20 years with companies such as Aristocrat and Aruze Gaming and has previously formed and successfully sold a third party content company named ‘True Blue Gaming’. Young is also known for being a key driver of penny slots in the North American market.

Wasted Eyewear


Wasted Eyewear makes sunglasses out of recycled snowboards and skateboards

Redefined Water


Water filtration and activation systems reduce evaporation by 30% for pools and in agriculture. It increases solubility and reduces amount of chemicals and detergents needed, flavor and growth of plants is increased..

One Million AOK dba Think Kindness


Think Kindness inspires measurable acts of Kindness in schools and communities around the world. We believe that each act of Kindness, no matter how small, has an unforeseeable ripple effect that makes the world a better place.



Irrigo provides water efficiency services for flood irrigated agriculture.



The Practickle experience is for parents, educators and caregivers of Preschool and Kindergartners, ages 3 - 7 years old, who want to bring a fun new way of reading into their homes and schools. The Practickle experience is transforming time parents, caregivers and educators already spend with young children into an educational experience that builds lifelong learners.

Water Security Corporation


Water Purification for Point of Use Applications

Gensano LLC

A noncontroversial stem cell product line for orthopedic surgeries.

ArmaTerra Georeinforcing


ArmaTerra®, Inc., dba ArmaTerra® Georeinforcing ArmaTerra, is a start-up company that will produce and market profitable, cost effective, environmentally friendly geotechnical earth reinforcement products at a national level and will seek international licensing opportunities.

The Kause


Unify enthusiasts of new-age music actions sports and art to Support The Kause in donating 25 percent of its net income to a non-profit -- The Tribe -- specifically for building a solar-powered music production school in Kenya

Leaf 2 Skin


Leaf 2 Skin offers comprehensive treatment options for reducing the symptoms of eczema, psoriasis and other inflammatory autoimmune skin conditions. The company offers both products and services. Products range from effective topical treatments, skin-friendly soaps to oral supplements. Partnered with progressive doctors and research, Leaf 2 Skin also offers a membership service that provides an integrated lifestyle approach to treating skin problems in a holistic way.

Speed of Air Engine Technologies


Speed of Air's technology improves the combustion efficiency of any internal combustion Engine. The patent pending technology combines the application of surface physics and thermal dynamics to components within the engine. This technology provides three concurrent benefits: Reduced fuel consumption, Dramatically reduces emissions and Increases power output.

Mambo Health


Mambo Health is a mobile first patient education platform coupled with a Web based interface so patients can collaborate with their doctors, their families, and understand their medical conditions to improve and understand their care.

Peep No More


Peep No More is the first and only hands-free and automatic occupancy sign for public restroom stalls.


Waterman develops software as service products for the human performance market.

A an Art - Boutique, experience, Gallery


A community-focused business featuring all forms of local artisans in a unique business model allowing anyone to submit work for display rotation. We are creating a community where any level of established artist (individual or co-op) can submit a request using a “pay for use” model to do a feature. The business is a community facilitator encompassing interactions among artisans, businesses, musicians, individuals, jobs, venues, and any events relating to the arts.

Vintage Dancer LLC


Connecting shoppers to over 5000 vintage style clothing and costumes online we help men and women dress for a themed event in quality new clothing, shoes, hats and accessories. Our blog and ebooks educate readers about fashion history and guide them to choosing an outfit for their event. Our goal is to become the best resource for quality costumes online.

EasyKeeper Herd Manager


EasyKeeper helps feed the world by providing a comprehensive web based business management solution for small to medium sized livestock operations.

First Warning Systems FWS


FWS has developed a noninvasive, smart device enabled sportbra designed to assess early metabolic circadian cellular abnormalities, including breast cancer. Data is transferred wirelessly to our global core lab for analysisand reporting with delivery to the physician to support the clinical decision process. FWS provides an accurate, accessible, and affordable early warning system for individual users & physicians, identifying disease when most treatable & reducing false positive/negative findings.

Reno Film Directory


Reno Film Directory is the one stop shop for all film friendly businesses and resources in the Washoe Valley. By creating a central database, indie producers can find, compare and hire local talent, creating a thriving film industry in Northern Nevada.

A-ONE Group Holdings Ltd


A-ONE offers innovative services to international clients working with China. Our unique approach to effective project management is the key to maintaining and achieving commercial objectives overseas. China has become a pivotal component in global manufacturing and a unique market opportunity for a significant number of American companies. With over two decades of experience in the Asia Pacific region, A-ONE offers strategic assistance backed with a solid reputation for integrity and accountability.

High Desert Distillery


High Desert Distillery, Ltd. specializes in the creation and production of high-quality vodka, gin, whiskey, and possibly tequila, in Reno, Nevada. This distillery will sell boutique, craft liquor made from local ingredients through a tasting room and licensed distributors. Our market research, financial planning, and business strategy strongly indicate that Reno can sustain multiple craft distilleries, and that we can provide a unique, local, and sustainable business.

Best Version Media


MISSION STATEMENT Bring neighbors together by providing a superior quality, professional publication that reflects the integrity, pride and prestige of the local communities we serve. VISION FOR PUBLISHERS To create an exceptional environment and opportunity where an individual Publisher can excel to his or her fullest potential.

Reno Collective


Reno Collective is a collaborative workspace for designers, creatives, technologists, entrepreneurs, freelancers, rocket scientists and startups.

ustyme, inc.


ustyme creates meaningful, deeper relationships through shared experiences around rich content like books and games. ustyme, a free video-call app for iPad, gives families and friends the opportunity to truly engage with each other and build connections that just aren’t possible through simple phone calls. ustyme is a privately held, angel-funded company, based in Sausalito, Calif.

DxDiscovery, Inc.

dxdiscovery.com pending

Research and development for in vitro diagnostics. DxD specializes in developing highly optimized monoclonal antibodies for use in medical diagnostics. In layman terms; we find the same thing a take home pregnancy test does, but for infectious diseases.

Your Church Live


Provide video and audio streaming services to churches.

Caffe Fuel


Caffé Fuel is an early age start-up company from the University of Nevada, Reno by Melanie Dolezal, Dharshini D. Balasubramaniyan, and Jaime Schwarzbach based on a groundbreaking process to produce alternative bio-diesel fuels from coffee ground waste. Once funded, Caffé Fuel intends to set up a pilot plant in Reno, NV and begin selling coffee biofuel as soon as possible.



Prevently Inc. aims to become the premier global health and wellness platform that empowers consumers with the information, products, and personalized care they need to lead a healthy lifestyle. It provides consumers with physician-reviewed health articles, physician-approved health products, health apps, and telemedicine consultations centralizing around an online patient profile that integrates data utilizing APIs from multiple personal health tracking devices.

SisDream, LLC


Promoting women’s sustained health, beauty, vitality and collective well-being through food, beverage, and lifestyle.

Digit Defender


Digit Defender is in the business of solving common residential and commercial problems found in everyday situations. Digit Defender is bringing several proven products to market over the next 3 years to help save time, money, injuries and lives. The last of these is where the Company begins, because it is the most important thing an organization can do… keep healthy kids healthy, and not by accident.

Envirohaven Corporation


We provide complete home packages with all of the components to build a home and the renewable energy system required to power the home independent of public utilities, or off the grid.

The Sierra Kombucha Company


Locally produced Sierra Kombucha, a tea fermented with probiotic culture and mixed with organic juice.

Entrepreneurs Assembly


Educating and facilitating business creation and growth in Northern Nevada

Somni Diagnostics, Inc.


Somni Diagnostics has developed a revolutionary, accurate, noncontact sleep apnea diagnostic device based on safe, proven technology. Targeting a medical market segment with multi-billion dollar, rapidly growing demand, the device (Somni Dx™) provides significant economic and clinical advantages to both patients and clinicians.

American Target Sports


Full service shooting indoor range with personalized instruction.



The world of social action uses a fragmented set of tools to address member communication and engagement. Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent every year, yet no one is effectively serving their needs. Traditional social media tools are built for interaction, not action. As such, Social Action solutions providers, like BHeard, leverage social media. However, their success is measured in helping organizations mobilize networks of people to initiate action and achieve specific goals.



Nanolabz is the premier supplier of advanced micro-fabricated laser physics targets. These targets are used for physics research and have future application for advanced medical imaging, development of low-cost proton cancer therapy instruments, and laser fusion energy. Using patented/patent pending microfabrication methods and designs, Nanolabz has created laser targets for laboratories around the world, and in 2009, Nanolabz targets were used to achieve the world record in laser generated proton energy.

Nevada Nanotech


Nevada Nanotech Systems’ is the developer of the Molecular Property Spectrometer (MPS™)—a robust, low-cost, silicon-chip-based micro electro-mechanical system (MEMS) that has already demonstrated the ability to detect and analyze trace amounts of explosives in cluttered backgrounds, nerve agent simulant, industrial chemicals, key chemical markers, and proteins in liquid. We expect that the MPS™ will be a platform technology that finds its way into many products and markets in the coming years.

Buy Local Reno Sparks


We lead a marketing campaign to educate local consumers of the benefits to our community by supporting Locally Owned Businesses with every purchase decision. We also manage a database of Locally Owned Businesses and link consumers to this database.

Innovolux Inc.

LED Technologies. Processor/scalers. LED walls and displays. Lighting - LED and plasma fixtures. Consulting for solutions and A/V systems integration.

The Joint... the chiropractic place


The Joint…the chiropractic place now in Reno, Nevada, brings a refreshing approach to chiropractic care making it affordable and convenient. A full month of adjustments costs less than most co-pays. Your first visit is only $19* and includes an adjustment, consultation and exam. *See clinic for details.

Loaded Squirrel

Three person partnership team, setup as an LLC. Offering a recurring revenue solution for small businesses allowing them to compete with big box brands.



The closer you look, the more you'll see: microetched, nanopatterned jewelry, gifts, and keepsakes.



High school students at BGCTM who are participating in the Junior Achievement JA Company Program

Easy Swirl


We have invented a new paper cup with a fin for mixing

We provide resources and consultation for Real Estate Professionals and Human Resource Departments to help their clients or their employees make informed decisions about school choices whether moving across the oceans, across the country or across the street.



Fossil-Lean, a wholesale distributor, will sell Fuel Management for Trucks (FMT), a telematics solution with proprietary fuel management capabilities for commercial truck operators and fleet managers. FMT uniquely reveals precise fuel usage, wastage, and consumption, therefore, it works not only for fuel management, but also as a emissions measurement tool—fleets can meet their cost reduction and sustainability goals faster by isolating losses and improving accuracy of their fuel use amount.

Community Affect


501(c)(3) pending - The Community Affect is a non profit dedicated to ten key principles for turning counties around from economics to culture, tourism to primary businesses. The Community Affect is committed to an inspirational and proven process for actually turning communities from ok to phenomenal! We will expand into other counties after showcasing 2014 results.

JoDog Sport Inc


We introduce emerging technologies that solve a problem of health or safety in the work place. Since 2005 we have introduced, invented, and identified innovative products designed for industry, manufacturing, utilities, water, and the construction trades.

21st Century Pictures Group, LTD


Motion Picture/Television production company specializing in ground breaking programming that expands the mind and enhances life.

Creo Mundi International Inc.

www.creomundi.com ; www.keesProtein.com

A socially responsible company focused on developing, manufacturing and selling nutritional beverages/food ingredients packed with protein.

The Intrinsic Value Exchange


IVE is an online stock exchange to value and protect Natural Assets – things like clean air and water, ecosystems, wildlife, human health and human potential. IVE is one part gaming platform, one part financial exchange and one part social movement.



VizKinect uses biometric technology to measure consumer engagement as they watch/interact with various forms of advertising and videos. We provide the tools and unique insight to increase the effectiveness and profitability of advertising and visual media.


Towner is a service that uses location and event information on a map to answer the question "What is going on?".



GirlMade is a community of female entrepreneurs currently raising a round of funding to start a female-inspired accelerator program in Reno, NV. Ideas must be scalable and teams must be ready to challenge every assumption they have ever made.

ART Inside Me


Self awareness art project based on the core question, "If you were a blank canvas, and I painted your outline on it, how would you tell your story?"

Get beyond the language plateau and finally learn advanced Spanish.

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